A wandering Jew in the Magic Kingdom…

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Why am I doing this?

I guess most people starting a blog have asked this question of themselves.  As a person who thought a blog would be one of the last things I’d do, one would think I’d already have an answer to that.  I do. Sort of.

I have this mental pathology of being engrossed in thoughts and emotions about the Disney Parks constantly.  Not a day goes by when I say something Disney related.  I live with my iPod in my ears and I’m usually listening to some Disney parks pod cast or audio from the parks.  I admit – I am not well. But, since this problem doesn’t hurt anyone including myself, I have decided to succumb rather than fight it.

My fanaticism can be traced as far back as February, 1981 – my first visit to Walt Disney World, and it was solidified two years later with my first visit to EPCOT Center.  I was hooked, until Feb, 1988 – our family’s last visit together – when it started to become out of the forefront of my consciousness.  Fast forward to 2005, when we decided to have a family reunion in the “World” and it all came rushing back.

I’ve been quite active in the online Disney community over the last two years.  I can be found on forums & heard in emails and voicemails on pod casts. I’m there, but I noticed some people come to the forefront more than others, and there seem to be two reasons for this: either someone dedicates their time (and career) to doing this or someone finds a niche.  Since I cannot dedicate my time too much, I wondered if I had a niche. That was answered for me.

I happen to be a kosher-eating, Sabbath-observant Jew who loves Disney and its parks.  I noticed that at this time of year, Christmas talk dominated the Disney interweb.  In some small corners tucked away on discussion forums, I found some people who searched for a bit of a Jewish touch, so I reached out my hand.  Then, I initiated discussions based around the Jewish calendar about the Disney experience.  All of a sudden, people started contacting me about planning a trip to Disney World as a Jew.  Strangers! “I’m planning on celebrating my birthday in the Magic Kingdom after Rosh HaShana. What’s it like getting kosher food there?”  “How should I do Passover in Disney World?”  “Where is the best place to stay over Shabbat?”  I know my Jewish friends would always come to me for Disney trip planning advice, and it was no surprise when neighbors and friends of friends started to, but strangers? On the internet?  Wow.  I wonder if there is a niche there.

I know that this may be a tiny alcove in the vast online world of Disney and its parks, but why not plant a flag in the uniquely Jewish experience of the parks?  If I reach out my hand and nobody grabs on, fine.  It keeps me busy and becomes my therapy.  But if people are out there longing for friendly discussion or a familiar encounter, I say to you, “Welcome.”  Would I love for this to blossom into a strong online community? Would I ever!  We could have a Friday night dinner meet at Mousefest!  So, let’s see where this goes, shall we?

Stay tuned. Keep those eyes and bananas peeled.

“Thank you, folks, for coming to my kitchen…”


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Giving thanks to the Disney parks…

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