So, what is the answer?!

November 18, 2010 at 10:36 pm Leave a comment

A while back, one Saturday morning in synagogue, the Rabbi got up to the podium and began his sermon discussing the Walt Disney World monorail. Obviously, I sat up in my chair and my ears perked up. This was one sermon I wasn’t going to doze off in.

He tells us about how a friend came up to him and asked him about an issue he had with an upcoming family vacation. He was going to be staying at one of the WDW hotels (he didn’t say which one, to my dismay), and he wanted to know if he was allowed to board and ride the monorail on Shabbat (Sabbath).

I thought that was an interesting question. There was no fare to pay, no combustion engine to turn on and off, no motion sensors in the doors. However, there was a driver (which meant it wasn’t automatic, like a Shabbat elevator). I was so curious to see where this Shabbat morning sermon was going.

However, the sermon then too a different turn. He went on to discuss how we see Shabbat in our lives, what Shabbat means to us as individuals and as a community, blah blah blah…

What is the answer?! You cannot expect me to stick with the rest of this speech without delving into the aspects of the Walt Disney World monorail and Shabbat. Now, I’m spending the rest of the sermon with my mind wandering throughout the WDW resort property, trying to find other interesting halachic questions and challenges that may arise. I’m also daydreaming about staying at one of the Monorail resorts and spending my Shabbat afternoon hotel hopping between the Contemporary, Grand Floridian and Polynesian…

Of course, if I am allowed to.

I can always just ask my Rabbi to find the answer, but this is not going to turn into a Jewish legal essay on the pros and cons of the Monorail as melacha. I guess, if (or when) the time comes for me to spend Shabbat at one of these three resorts, I’ll begin my search for the answer. For now, since the plans are not in my immediate future, I’ll let the enigma remain an enigma.

Because I plan to spend my first Shabbat on Walt Disney World property at the Boardwalk Resort… Want to join me for dinner?


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